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Pulitor produces a full range of high quality diamond wires suitable for different types of materials cut, for the machines used and the specific needs of all its customers. Pulitor has developed over the years and continues every day to develop in its own testing laboratory ever more efficient diamond wires, in accordance with the continuous evolution and expansion of modern technologies of cutting natural stones using diamond wire. Pulitor develops and manufactures diamond wires that offer to all customers superior cutting quality and speed that allow to increase the daily production of the machines more and more and to reduce the costs of cutting for its users.
Diamond wires for multiwire machines
Pulitor produces and markets several types of diamond beads for multiwire machines suitable for the different sawn materials and the technical and mechanical characteristics of the machines used, mounted on wire rope spliced and assembled by injection of plastic polymer.
Diamond wires for marble quarries
Pulitor is able to study the optimal combination between the diamonds of high technology and the metal binders most suitable to the type of material being cut in order to increase the cutting speed of its diamond wires.
Diamond wires for granite quarries
Taking advantage of isostatic high technology, Pulitor manufactures a complete line of wires for granite quarries ever more efficient, both for the high cutting speeds and for long life.
Diamond wires for stationary machines
Diamond wires for stationary machines are used for the squaring and cutting of blocks, Pulitor produces a full range of plastified wires for stationary machines, with diamond beads of various diameter and number, suitable for the different materials cut and for the customer's working preferences.
Diamond wires for profiling machines
The diamond wires for profiling machines are used for cutting of complex shapes for building and gravestones, exploiting the profiling accuracy and the cutting quality of the diamond wire.