Diamond tools for calibrating, squaring, smoothing and polishing

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Pulitor produces a wide range of tools for the finishing of cut slabs and tiles suited for the different types of materials and the different production plants used, in both old and new generation. The long experience and the deep knowledge of materials and production systems have enabled Pulitor to develop and design tools with high cutting performance and removing ability and long-lasting efficiency.
Calibrating diamond tools
Diamond tool with high power of removal of the material used to calibrate slabs or tiles of granite, marble, porcelain gres and composite materials.
Diamond squaring grinding wheels and chamfering
Tools used for squaring the tiles. Pulitor produces frontal, tangential and lateral squaring wheels in different sizes and types suited for the plants used by the customers, for the different cutting materials and for specific working requirements.
Diamond tools for polishing
Diamond tools used for the finishing of the material. Pulitor manufactures and sells fickerts and frankfurts in metallic diamond bond of high quality, in various types and diamond grain sizes according to the position they are mounted and in formats and attacks suitable for the different machines used by customers.