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Pulitor manufactures a complete line of diamond discs for cutting any type of material and suitable for the different needs of all its customers and the various cutting machines used. High cutting speed, perfect finishes and durability are the characteristics of Pulitor diamond discs, supported by high technology, the quality of production carried out entirely in Italy and the continuous research and development of new products that can provide superior cutting performance to all customers and users around the world.
Diamond discs for cross cutting machines
Diamond discs for cross cutting machines: the diamond discs for cross cutting machine are used for square cutting of the material on single-disc cross cutting machines or on multi-disc cross cutting machines
Diamond discs for bridge cutting machines
Diamond discs for bridge cutting machine: the diamond discs for bridge cutting machines are used for different types of cutting: profiling, trimming or cutting to size slabs, strips or semi-finished granite, marble, stone and composite materials.
Diamond disc cutters for horizontal cut
Dischi diamantati per tagliablocchi per taglio orizzontale: il disco diamantato per taglio orizzontale viene utilizzato su tagliablocchi monodisco e multidisco e serve per il taglio e la successiva rimozione delle filagne dal blocco.